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The purpose of this club shall be:

1. To establish SNC as a leader of environmental integrity, increase appreciation for the environment, and educate members of the SNC community about how to live more sustainably, including but not limited to recycling, composting, growing organic produce, purchasing local, and the benefits and practices of caring for a community garden.

2. Create a group of like-minded individuals who want to play an active role in creating change and will consider the environmental impact of SNC's policies and practices to ensure the college operates and grows in a manner that respects our local and global governments.

3. Initiate green movements on campus, focusing on a reduction of waste (specifically reducing single use plastic bags and water bottles), recycling, energy efficiency, preservation of biodiversity, reduction of human impact on the natural world, and sustainable food production. We will facilitate programs and events that relate to these areas and will ultimately improve environmental quality and increase sustainability.

4. Participate in outdoor activities as a group to spur interest in and respect for the environment.

5. Help every member of our community gain an awareness of how heavily we rely on the environment and how our actions affect the world.

6. Protect the biodiversity of our region, and serve as a leader in ecological stewardship.

7. Engage with the community by attending or participating in programs that fulfill our mission, provide direct service by giving personal time and energy to address immediate needs in the community, and raise public awareness of environmental issues









Leadership Team

Marianna Novak Profile

Marianna Novak

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Meaghan Dutton

Ballad Funkhouser Profile

Ballad Funkhouser

Service Chair
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Tori Dellemann

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Megan Bergin

Social Chair
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Carrie Kissman


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