The Equality Project


About Us

The Equality Project is an organization on campus that seeks to promote equity for marginalized people. Our primary focus is on gender equity, however, we support all marginalized students on campus. We seek to offer opportunities for students to engage with one another, as well as plan events to educate other students at St. Norbert College. Equality Project further seeks to involve our community in making St. Norbert a more accepting and inclusive place.

What do we do?

The Equality Project hosts many events to support marginalized students. One of our most popular events is "Take Back the Knight". Take Back the Night, with an "n" is an event where victims of sexual violence tell their stories. They do this to reclaim the night, a time associated with sexual violence. The Equality Project extends this to all students who face marginalization so that these students can claim their spot on campus.

We further have worked in collaboration with companies like Diva Cup to provide menstrual cups to students. The Equality Project plans to continue this work to provide free menstrual cups to students in the future.

This year, our focus is to help educate the student body. One such way is to help bridge the gap in students sexual education to allow all students to make informed and safe decisions about their body.

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